Promoting Resource Conservation and Yankee Ingenuity and Creativity.
Presentation format - seminars, discussion groups, hands on workshops.

As civilizations and cultures have become more and more complex, the human race has become increasingly dependent on technology and mechanization to provide for our existence and well being. This dependence, while well enjoyed and the source of an increasingly “higher standard of living” and focused life-styles, is not sustainable by the world human population over the long term. There just aren’t enough resources on the planet earth to maintain those standards and life-styles. This gradual drift toward technology and mechanization has also resulted in a general drift away from practices, techniques, methodologies and activities that have sustained numerous generations throughout human history.

Aside from the financial situation that the world is in right now, which is in itself a reflection of the drift toward dependence on technology and mechanization, the facts of the total situation are: 1. We have built an entire world culture on the consumption of huge quantities of energy, which currently are supplied by fossil fuels, primarily petroleum based; 2. These fossil fuels will become increasingly depleted and soon will be in short supply and/or very expensive, 3. There are no currently readily available energy sources to switch to as an alternatives; 4. The current human population size is nearly three times larger than can be sustained without this huge consumption of fossil fuel energy; 5. A significant portion of the general world population does not know that there is this problematic situation and even if they are generally aware, few comprehend the ramifications and consequences of the overall situation.

It is with this knowledge, based on research into the situation, that the Island Rover Foundation has expanded its educational mission in order to deliver a grass roots educational effort “one individual / one small group” at a time. That educational effort will deliver knowledge of the proven practices of our ancestors that provided long term sustainability. The big governments and big businesses of the world have led us into the situations that now exist and they will not and can not get us out of the situations. WE AS INDIVIDUALS AND SMALL GROUPS must take responsibility for ourselves and our own well being and take the actions necessary to become self reliant and self sustaining. These are not difficult concepts to comprehend BUT they are life-style altering and may be difficult to implement UNLESS the individual desire and motivations are strong.

The Island Rover Foundation (IRF), being based in Maine, is surrounded by a long history of self independence, self reliance and Yankee ingenuity. There are many older generation folks who still remember the “old ways” and it is through the drawing upon these memories and past experiences of our senior citizens that we will RETAIN the knowledge base that served so well in the past. We need to:

Re-think, Re-Invent, Re-localize, Re-Establish, Re-build, Re-Create, Re-Teach, Re-Learn,