The Island Rover Foundation “RE-SCHOOL” will:
Re-View and Re-Discover standard practices (survival practices!) and
the frugality measures of our ancestors.
Re-store our ancestor’s mindsets to current awareness for validation
to future practice.
Re-teach those mind-sets, methodology and techniques to the current
generations for transmittal to the NEXT generations before the practices
and techniques are lost from memory.

Specifically WE (as a society) need to:

Re-Establish Neighborhood and Community
Re-Localize Agriculture and Food Production & Distribution
Re-Build Local Food Production Infra-Structure
Re-Create the Positive and Cooperative concepts of Neighborhoods
and Community
Re-Learn / Re-Teach the Survival Technology, Techniques, Methodology
of Our Ancestors (Frugality, Self-Sustaining , Self-Dependence,
Independence, Self-Reliance, Mutual Cooperativeness ……Practices)

Thoughts To Ponder:

The United States with 5% of the world’s population consumes 25%
of the world’s resources.

There is a need for a NEW “American Dream”
(Renewable energy, and conservation of all resources)

There are a multitude of alternative individual activities
available leading to a sustainable society!