Overview outline of the IRF Re-School:

Curricula based on Reviewing and Re-Discovering our Heritage:
Offering seminars / mini-conferences / workshops to discuss, educate
and provide hands on experience

Discussions will be based on texts including:

Planned Discussion Groups include:

Discussions of the Thoughts and Re-Words from Sharon Astyk’s book
“Depletion and Abundance” and Heather G. Flores Book “food not lawns”.
where in the authors talk of the Re-organization of neighborhood and
community for local independence and security reasons. They discuss
the need to Re-ensconce sound core extended family units for efficiency
measures. They make the point for our need to Re-connect with local
farmers and Re-establish local community markets for adequate food
supply as well as health reasons. They discuss and make the case where
by People need to Re-Connect to their sources of FOOD, in order to
promote and accomplish Re-vitalization of wide spread Farmers markets
to REDUCE costs (& energy ) of food distribution, Re-vitalize the Local
Environment, Re-create “Neighborhood and Community” for the better-
ment and welfare of ALL.

Dale Allen Pfeiffer “EATING Fossil Fuels – Oil, Food and the Coming Crisis
in Agriculture” – 2006 leaves no doubt as to how fossil fuels got the
world population size to this point. He explains why it is not sustainable,
and why a continued increase in population size, in the presents of the
inevitable decline in fossil fuels, will be catastrophic.

Paul Chefurka’s Writings on his Web Site: www.paulchefurka.ca 2007-2008
are a wealth of views and knowledge supported with deep thinking and
realistic conclusions about the future.

Fred Krupp, Pres. of the Environmental Defense Fund in his “EARTH: The
Sequel – The Race to Re-Invent Energy and Stop Global Warming”
Summer 2008 does a fantastic job of reviewing the new and emerging
technologies which provide hope that humanity CAN get through the
pending crisis IF the necessary conservation measures are implemented
and society comes together in a focused and concerted effort to modify
life-styles to sustainable parameters.

CENTRAL to the above discussions will be a broad understanding of the
concepts of
1. energy consumption as a base parameter in the world economy;
2. fossil fuel availability as an energy source for the industrial economy,
3. carbon dioxide as a by product of fossil fuel combustion and
4. the impact of CO2 on global climate change and the world cultures
and societies.